Halifax, Canada

A mural about creativity, inspired by Pikola Este's interpretation of the old folk tale 'La Llorona'. 

Vienna, Austria

2019.  A collaboration with Bifido. The project seeks to delve into the intimacy of human relationships. Show that barriers, even the most resistant, can be overcome by the desire to peer into the diversity of others. To be enriched by everything that life hides deep in others’ personalities and experiences. Looking at walls not like something that separates, but as something to break down. An invitation to have creative courage to share what scares us the most. 

Farum, Denmark

2018. A permanent mural commission for the Culture house in Farum, Denmark. The building houses Galleries, a theatre, studiospaces, a cafe, an immigrant museum, and a music school, and the murals theme of knowledge and creativity was chosen to best represent this diversity. 

Esterillos, Costa Rica

One of 5 murals created over 3 weeks in the small town of Esterillos Oeste in Costa Rica. Beyond beautification, my goal was to created better coherence between residents of the town. The project was supported by over a dozen residents, through housing, food, paint, and donations.

Santiago, Chile

2018. Created for the Museo A Cielo Abierto outdoor mural gallery in San Miguel, Santiago. One of 60 painted walls in a resident-run mural gallery co-curated by Chilean muralist Mono Gonzales. For a wall to be painted here, every resident in the building has to approve of the chosen artist and sketch.

Roskilde, Denmark

2019. A curated wall for the Roskilde Festival, a week-long music festival in Roskilde, Denmark with over 100,000 guests. 

Aarhus, Denmark

2019. A mural about trust. One of two 5x5 meter murals created for Aahus street art festival.

Other murals


Jacoba Niepoort

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel: +42 40 46 67

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