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Copenhagen, Denmark

2020. Created in city-district Østerbro. A mural about ways we interact with the world around us. Processes of self-protection, blind spots of perception toward each other and the natural world around us—and the absurdity of human nature, especially in these current times.


The location was chosen by early input from Østerbro’s cultural group network, followed by visual brainstorming meetings with local resident groups. The mural was painted under the cultural festival, AABEN festival, and a free artist talk centered around the topic of streets arts history and current challenges was organized by Denmark's national museum ENIGMA. Funded by local and national cultural funds


Horsens, Denmark

2020. Organized by the staff at the only soup kitchen shelter in town, located in the building on which the mural was painted. organised together with Gallery Hjorth.


A mural about a momentary connection; the process of opening up to the other.

Graz, Austria

2020. Painted under Urban Art Festival Styria at a university housing building. A mural exploring new techniques in trying to transfer onto a wall the simplicity, movement and spontaneity that can exist in a sketch. The sketch for the wall was a stone lithograph created earlier the same year. 

Halifax, Canada

2019. A mural about creativity, inspired by Pikola Este's interpretation of the old folk tale 'La Llorona'. 

Vienna, Austria

2019.  A collaboration with Bifido. The project seeks to delve into the intimacy of human relationships. Show that barriers, even the most resistant, can be overcome by the desire to peer into the diversity of others. To be enriched by everything that life hides deep in others’ personalities and experiences. Looking at walls not like something that separates, but as something to break down. An invitation to have creative courage to share what scares us the most.